OMG Paul is amazing

I just fell across some recent footage of prod and hes a fucking machine, derek i dont kno what your talking about bro


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  1. you know what i like. Is a no name dude doing switch backside heelflip to 50-50 on hubba hideout. I never said he isn’t good/consistant. Not one original trick that hasn’t been done a million times. Consistancy does not=style.

  2. I am so hyped to see Derek posting here. Pretty quick response I must say. Take note that you are an author and can post anything you like. I’d love to see what’s hypin out the Thrills these days.

  3. i am way more stoked on mj, hsu, or even shilo because of style and originallity. prod is a fucking sell out dumb ass that would leave girl. he pobably left because hes in kostons shadow at girl. he made the forcast video and put himself in the friends section. prod two thumbs down.

  4. obv. that wasnt origional he was warming up, but no way can u tell me that he has no style when hes skateing tho, your right consistancy dosnt equal style but paul wont miss a trick and thats good skateboarding

  5. Troy, Lots of other people don’t miss tricks when they are filmed. It’s called editing. I could look really consistant too. And i am horrible at skateboarding. just kidding i could care less. I am just to damn old to care about the dude.

  6. I love this discussion about p-rod. He’s a good skater, obviously, hes pro. That’s the beauty of skateboarding though fellas…it’s all about what you want to do and how you want to do it. The same thing goes for skaters you like, you like someones style or how creative they are on their board. I think p-rod has gnarly style and yes he is that consistent…im pretty sure he did beat eric koston at skate…sooooo….i dont know if that’s one for me…orrrr one for me. Also that game of skate was played about 2 or 3 years ago. YEUHH ๐Ÿ˜€

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