Fort Wayne Fun


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  1. A good filmer is a humble person that captures the beauty of the artist. If anything, it is a collaboration between filmer and rider. your shot is as important as the trick being thrown down well. if both partys are not bringing their input right, you end up with crappy looking footage, or unusable tricks framed on spot. both are important to the end result. That said, their glory is your glory, but the only people you should fish for pats on the back from is your mother, cause she has to love you, and other filmers/editors who will appreciate what you bring to the table. as for the fishin though, leave the pole at home and let your work do the talking for you.

    sixteen year old girls are for girl scout cookies. when you get to hang with them, after you buy them cigarettes, can you get me a box of those carmel cookies with coconut, good stuff.

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