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I want to create something that is a homage to the last 10 years of Just graphics. If you have ever created a graphic for Just, or know someone who did, if you can send along the graphic again to this e-mail address I would love to include your work in the collection. I’m in the process of searching for all that I can get my hands on. Searching drives and going through old CDs, but I need your help. Please help me make this happen. Yeahhh!


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  1. dam, thats some good advice. If you weren’t so stupid you would have thought of that. duh. Or is it an issue of not knowing all the artists and how to get ahold of them? Maybe scott has all of that shit, but its on old drives and getting them from him might take awhile. Or maybe he even has lost some of the files over the years. Point is, art is dumb.

  2. sounds good. send me that shit when you get a chance. All that I get will be included in a yet to be anounced 10 year party flyer in the works. From there it will be included in an archive of such works. Better to start now then later on this collection.oh yeah, you kicks are in, been waiting for you to get online so i could pass the word. they have arrived and are awaiting your pick up. Happy 40 night!

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