Muska just got on element. In case you haven’t heard yet.


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  1. “Element embodies the landscape of skateboarding and Chad is a great addition to the scenery and brings a new dynamic to the team. Muska is an icon in skateboarding and we are looking forward to working with him and continuing his legacy,” Johnny Schillereff, Founder and President, Element Skateboards.

    “His ability and accomplishments in skateboarding are undeniable. We’re proud as hell…it’s the Muska,” Ryan Kingman, Marketing Director, Element Skateboards.

    Muska joins Element Skateboards with a significant start to his debut video part with Element. My Element, the latest video project from Element Skateboards, starring Chad Muska, is scheduled to release on Go Skateboarding Day, June 21, 2007.

    “I am very excited about joining the Element family! I look forward to this new chapter in my skateboarding career… And you can bet on it that we are going to make some big things happen,” Chad Muska.

  2. dude i bet element will have chuska visor beanies. boombox chink chink to revert with a bookbag on. dude element is such a lame ass company. element was cool when that one little ass hole billy pepper was on there.

  3. Come on we know that they have that one little kid killing himself for the team. They are going to pull a black label and start a geriatrics division. make a show on mtv with mike v and muska…..

  4. All man too good. Better copyright that name while you can. Geriatrics Skateboards on tour 2012! Sponsered by Big Brother The Revival Mag and Huggies Adult Diapers, this time the parties are for real!

  5. Wade, you would say something stupid like that. You know you mean it. I remember you as a little kid. wife beater and a visor beanie with khaki cargo pants.

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