Todd Swalla

Toledo skater for deep gets more local public attention. A local legend to many for his musical contribution in the band The Necros. I’ve always been stoked on his continued love for skateboarding and his desire to follow his own path. A local roll model of sorts. He is the real deal.

The Toledo City Paper article

Swalla’d Whole

Putting the rumors to rest and confirming the legends, Todd Swalla sets the record straight

by Jon Stainbrook

December 6th 2006

Drummer Todd Swalla is most recently notorious for his beat contributions to space-pop band Muschi and the enigmatic Boogaloosa Prayer, a collaboration with Dooley Wilson and Jimmy Danger. Sans Danger, the band played yet another stellar, though last-minute, set at Mickey Finn’s on Nov. 22 (and woe to those who missed out). However, Swalla, a longtime Toledo resident who recently relocated to the San Francisco area, has a rich past as one of underground music’s most notorious drummers. Swalla speaks about his tenure with Maumee punk legends The Necros and his role in America’s underground music scene.

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