Lookin To Celebrate Art

We are lookin to celebrate some artist here in the future. We all know that skateboarding and art are an interlocking chain. Thats why we know some of the best talent comes from our very own community. Do you have some art that needs to get out, or do you know someone who is talented but has yet to take that plunge into show casing his/her talent? Well send in your reasonably sized jpg/gif examples to justoledohio. Make sure you provide us with the appropriate information to get a hold of you like name, address, phone number. Lets see the goods people. Of course we will offer up more details in the future as this is the very early development stages. As of now we have 5 verified artists and growing.


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  1. Brett….is a rad blue collar dude that you little kids should look up to. He skates not stop, family man, and will nollie front heel to tail on any ramp….and the only dude who came and visited me out here.

  2. ok, so i made everyone here who commented an author. If you already were, nothing has changed, if you have not, you have been give this new status, so please use it. Not one comment about the posted topic. Talk about strugglers. (twangy voice) “I just heard of the introweb thingy, its got neat pictures and words. First thing i did was comment on the Just site.” For all of you web nerds, you already seen this a million times, and its called comment spam. I certainly don’t want to get web nerdy on this site and make comment rules, cause I think rules suck. There is just no need. If all these were actual posts, maybe the site would look like it was getting updated. So please, make it happen, but on the main page. When you want to look up something funny a year from now, it will be hard cause its lost inside of an art post. If its an issue of easy to use comment form than I can post a simple how-to on the site. Point being, don’t be afraid to go off topic, but if you do, all that is posted will be lost down the road in the archives. I would rather see a million posts in one day than 500 comments that have nothing to do with the original post. Jeeze, what a stupid rant.

  3. when i school you kids on how the internet works. Or you could just join another forum community and hear it from a good 100 or so whiny nerds that will not shut about comment spam. This one is a good 5 years old at the very least. I believe in you guys though, you can grasp simple concepts and beyond. So the novels have already been started. Finalizing my publishing deal. I’m thinking its going to be a 500 part series ending around 2012. Thats 100 works over a 5 year period. I’ll take you from clueless to savvy. Stay tuned.

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