I Used To Skate

I hope I’m not jinxing myself here, but I never want to turn into one of those douche bags that say “I used to skate”. For me, if that day comes, I know I failed myself in a big way. I guess this will become an online reminder to keep it going. My feet have been itchin a little recently.



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  1. man, i think some people have missed the point. I know just about every skater has run into that guy that you could tell never really skated and wants to sound cool so he says that he used to skate. Or maybe they skated for one year when they were 14 and are many many years removed from it to the point that they have no clue about skateboarding at all. All you can do is roll your eyes when you hear it, its like the que that sets off in your mind, ok, here we go again. I wonder how many years away from skating it takes to get there, and I hope I never do?

  2. the worst are the ones that actually could skate. they usually get a girlfriend or start body building. these guys are the ones that bum me out the most. So much wasted talent.

  3. “i use to skate, but now i just hang out with cops” ryan shull pretending to be me, countless times.

    music is a big killer as well. alot of cats get into music and give up skating.

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