Bad News On Mark Davenport

Mark was skating in a comp in Minnesota, when out of the blue, a little kid got in his way and he had to bail. Well, turns out when he bailed, he hit his leg, and broke it by his shin bone. He was taken directly to the sugery room to get operated, and they put a metal plate in to replace the 2 inches of bone that he lost. The Doctor said he will be able to walk in abotu a week, and he can start to skate in 6 to 8 weeks if everything goes well… LET’S WISH A MARK A SPEEDY RECOVERY!!!!!!


4 Responses

  1. its going to be a tough few weeks, but metal is having a come back. Good luck with that. Think about skating when you are going through therapy, it will help you get through the tough times when you have a purpose.

  2. It was just brought to my attention that i am a jerk. Sorry, to mark and hope you get better. Nothings wrong with a little metal in the leg. You will come back stronger because that is what skateboarders do.

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