Down for Lee Bender.

Most of you probably have heard some news by now about Lee, but in case you haven’t….
He spent six days hospitalized…on bed rest with cat scans, mri’s, many blood tests, and a spinal tap to boot. All to find out, on his 28th birthday no less, that he has multiple sclerosis. He is still moving around ok, but can’t feel much from the waist down, and has lost some use of his right hand.
We’ve been laying low but keeping our heads up…
Some of his many amazing friends have started throwing together ideas to help raise money for medical bills…here is one link..


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  1. its even huger if you knew the guy. lee is an awesome dude and would call up to just and talk for like 20 minutes. extremely nice guy and sickk skateboarder.

  2. Lee is one of the raddest dudes. Driving all the way from fort wayne to skate some shitty parking lot. This guy is the one of the most down to earth people and the only guy who ask how walbridge is.

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