The Media Dazzles With I-Get-It Brilliance!

The Blade released their interview on the event today. We met with their writer who focused on art happenings in Toledo. For the most part the article isn’t as bad as it could be, but we all know for a fact that outside of skateboarding, people just don’t get us, or it.

The Blade
Skateboard artworks capture joy of sport

In the small, fiercely independent world of skateboarding, art and athletics intersect.

“It’s a sport that intertwines perfectly with art; there’s an individuality you have in both,” said Michael Paulus, 34, skateboarder, artist, and coproducer of “Just Inspired.” This new exhibit is an homage to the young sport that exhilarates its athletes with speed, a sense of freedom, and moments of airborne weightlessness.

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  1. “We’ve been talking about doing this for years. We’re just ready to do it,” Shull said. “It’s a way of saying ‘we’re here.” – to those who don’t know. is the full statement.

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