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So I’ve looked into some usability for the site and what kind of upgrades can be made. I’ve discovered that WordPress, the open source project that this site is based on, doesn’t support WYSIWYG editors. This is a real bummer, because all of the nice buttons that allow you to post images, links, and more are not seen by Safari users. I’ve looked into remedying the issue, but as it turns out now, without going into the tech side of things too much, there are some things that need to be upgraded in Safari that have not as of yet been implemented. That and we need some server side upgrades to be able to do some of the things that I have in mind for upgrades. For now your best bet is to use the most web standards compatible browser out there, Firefox.


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  1. You are right on for the most part, but may be off on some of the details. As far a platforms go the results are in by those clever little “I am a ….” commercials, no one can argue which one is better now.

    What I’m talking about is web browsers here though. Safari, an apple product is lacking on its TinyMCE image drawing capabilities which is lame. Firefox is the one browser that adapts to standards and is the best at displaying a website the way the developer has intended it to look.

    Now don’t even get me started on IE. IE6 is the devil! And IE7 is making good headway, finally playing nice on some of the standards that have been well established. But the most glaring fact is, IE6 single handily is slowing up the progress on the web. With Microsoft’s great plan to make people verify their software to update their browser to IE7, a great deal of users, legal or not, are not updating their browser forcing developers to create separate pages for IE6 users. That is LAME!

  2. yeah my windows based pile of shit wont play about 75% of the videos on crailtap now. next computer will definately be an apple. safari is still alot better than ie fo sure.

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