Tony Hawk Jumps Japanese Men!

This just In!

Over two decades ago Tony Hawk magically jumps over Japanese men. An amazing feat by all standards.


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  1. Although I agree with you Alex, this blog is a lot more fun when a bunch of people are posting stuff because its fun to see whats new, I can’t be the one to keep posting things. Not that I’ve been able to lately. Really we need people who are interested in skateboarding, and want to contribute to the site. I am down to make anyone who can bring that to the table the ability to do that. I even have a tutorial that I had my co-opt student create that I give out to clients on how to use WordPress, the open source software that the site is based off of. I’ll send that to anyone who wants to get involved. Just hit me up through the site.

    And more importantly, keep on rollin.

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