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Anybody out there political but not sure what candidate out there shares your views? There is a great site out there called Glassbooth. First you rate issues with a pointing system of 20. After that you select how you feel about issues from strongly supporting to strongly against. After these questions it gives you an out put of candidates and the percentage of how closely they match your views. Check it out if you care about such things.


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  1. Yo dawgs. I am a ‘neigborhood leader’ for Ohio’s democratic party. So if you need any info I can help out with that stuff. Even if you are an independent or republican I can help you out with any questions you have!

  2. A note about the website posted. I am not sure how accurate it is. It said Huckabee and I share 100% of the same stances. Which is impossible as I answered questions about limiting gun rights/giving homosexuals more rights/and in favor of abortions.

  3. That does sound crazy Alex. If anything I think the site is a good way to get the ball rolling, and find out who is out there that represents. I used it and mine came up 100% Stalin, which is weird because my health care beliefs don’t really gel with his past actions. That and I’m not exactly communist. I do however back the building of mass sculptures and major architecture in my likeness. All Rising!

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