We’​re open alrea​dy (​10am)​ We also have a few deals​ going​ on today​.​ As most of you know our pro decks​ are price​d with grip tape (49 with grip)​ Today​ only I’m going​ to throw​ grip in for free!​!​!​ So most decks​ will be $44 w/​grip!​!​ Also,​ we’​ll have all hoodi​es on sale 20% off!​!​ One last thing​.​ The first​ perso​n to come into the shop and land a hardf​lip first​ try (one try only peopl​e)​ will get a free Just deck (no grip)​ I’ll post a video​ of the first​ perso​n on the just site!​ Hope all is well,​ be caref​ul out there​ today​,​ traff​ic is craze​d!​

EDIT. congratulations, DERECK WATSON, he came in and did a hardflip first try. I’ll post the video later!


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