so we have got a great deal of things in over the past couple of days. For instance we got some boards from flip, foundation, toy machine,deathwish, baker, to girl and chocolate. Also a bunch of new wheels and shirts from a lot of those brands as well. we got some new emericas in as well. The Og’s are in which is a rerelease of Marc Johnson’s classic Emerica shoe that many of you probably owned. we also got some new jerry hsu’s in purple suede, and a restock of the black and white Reynolds threes. Some new new eras came in with all of this stuff as well. Stay tuned because we are definitely expecting to get a great deal more of stuff. Oh and not to mention, if you are looking for a complete board that won’t cost you all your money, then come in and we have some new speed demon completes that we’re letting go for 75 bucks. can’t beat it homie.


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