Skateboarding Is A Crime

Well, in Milton Florida any way. Check out this video of a long boarder dropping in. Looks like Milton, Florida is filled with a bunch of geniuses. They build a skate park that way they can go and flex their weak authority onto a captive audience. Another fine example of skateboarders being treated badly bad local police. Why are the skateboarders weary of the police? All you have to do is skate and see their true colors to know why. Serve and protect, too bad skateboarders don’t fit into any of those categories.

Update: Ok so I looked into this a bit more and found out the dude was not completely without fault on some level. Over at they have an update to this lameness.

UPDATE: PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE YOU LEAVE A COMMENT. So apparently, the guy dropping in was told not to do it by the park security guard, but he did it anyway. The video was edited to make it appear like an unsuspecting skater was being harassed without provocation. While it is still incredibly lame to dictate which way someone can skate on a functioning part of a skatepark, and that issue should be addressed, it is beyond lame to make yourself look like a martyr and have a community rally behind you under false pretense. Way to go D-bag.


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  1. bummer that this happened, but if the kid was told not to do it and didn’t listen, then I can totally see why his ass got busted. Bummer.

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