hey y’all. im sure most of you have already seen the berrics thing about nick, but for those of you that haven’t go to theberrics.com and check it out. Steve Berra talks a little bit about nick, and then they also feature a new edit of nick, which he ollies the Lowes gap which is gigantic. please keep sending your love to nick, because he is not out of the woods yet. Aside from that we got a bunch of new stuff in for you guys. New alien/ habitat stuff, and a bunch of zoo decks, deathwish, and baker decks in as well. we got the new transworld video in as well and it comes with a bunch of goodies. Also some new wheels are in includinga bunch of the f1 spitfires and bones stfs. We also got a bunch of new clothing items for everyone because we know school is right around the bend. Expect a ton of shoes to come in very soon as well! Peace


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