Video Days

Any blog worth anything has this video available. Know it.

Just Blog Scores Big

I just came across the site blogged. Looks like we caught a bit of love. 9.1 is not a shabby rating. Certainly send your love back by checking out there site.

Adidas Skateboarding

Adidas Skateboarding’s website gets an overhaul. See it here. In other Adidas skate related news, Joe Castrucci created a shoe for Adidas, the Castrucci Campus.

Save The Internet, Or At Least Its Neutrality

Net Neutrality has been an issue for a few years now. We need to do what we can to prevent our online expericence being ruined or price jacked by those who want to put more controls over the medium. I know they would love to have it on lock down like TV. Lets do what […]

User Updates

For all of you out there that are Authors of this blog and had problems posting video, we just discovered a problem and hopefully found a solution for you. I just changed all of the authors to editors which hopefully will solve any video posting issues. One author could post text and links, but when […]

Skate History Timeline

Skateboard History Timeline – 1920s to 2004 This timeline is primarily the result of input from skaters and those who were directly involved in skateboarding’s history. However, it is still a work in progress as I receive additional input. Please do NOT publish or distribute any of the information here until it is finalized. Compiled […]

Robotic Style

Some people are said to be machines, others have robotic styles. Does this remind you of anybody?

Political Stuff

Anybody out there political but not sure what candidate out there shares your views? There is a great site out there called Glassbooth. First you rate issues with a pointing system of 20. After that you select how you feel about issues from strongly supporting to strongly against. After these questions it gives you an […]

Ohio Skate Pride Aquired By Burton

Burton Acquires Alien Workshop And Habitat DNA Distribution, which includes skateboarding brands Alien Workshop, Habitat and Reflex, today announced that the company has been acquired by Burton. The two companies began discussions over a year ago and found that they share a common approach in the way that they contribute to boardsports culture, including a […]