I Got Hit By A Drunk Driver

I was at a stop light and got hit by a car doing 45. I was in the ER for 3 1/2 hours with a neckbrace on too.


The famous Key Bank ledges have officially been removed!!!!! That means no more skating there!! I just drove to Key Bank, and there was a bunch of construction. Something told me to look for the blocks, and come to find out, they have been removed.. Spread the word!! RIP KEY BANK LEDGES!

SLAP is going Digital

If you haven’t seen it yet, SLAP has just announced that we’re going totally digital. Yep, we’re bringing everything we’ve got directly online and straight to you, the biggest online skate crew in the world. While we’re in the planning/developing stages of things, we want to get you involved from the ground up- find out […]

R.I.P. Ray Underhill

Go pick up The Search for Animal Chin or Ban This to see some skate footy from Ray http://www.rayunderhill.com/


http://skatefairy.com/FinalFlare_trailer1.mov http://www.lakai.com/index.php Get Hyped! Skateboardings first Blu-Ray video!! Scott, save me one.. -Steve

Yanks On Planks!!!

http://girlskateboards.com/video/yanks_on_planks.mov New Video from Girl…( ITS HD BY THE WAY!! )

Arto Saari On Alien Workshop!!!

It’s Official!! Everyone at Flip wishes Arto the best for his future with the Burton family, and are in total support of this move for him. “Arto is like a brother to me. After years of being on the same team with the same goals it was time for him to move on. We remain […]