Fall Air

Hey dog-face biatches, get out there and suck up some of that sweet fall time air.

Robotic Style

Some people are said to be machines, others have robotic styles. Does this remind you of anybody?

Tony Hawk Jumps Japanese Men!

This just In! Over two decades ago Tony Hawk magically jumps over Japanese men. An amazing feat by all standards. Tony Hawk on Japanese television in 1984 (part 2 of 2) on ShredOrDie.com

Fans Of Just

I even have the Tutak and Mills action figures. I make them argue about skate facts. Mills comes with the “talk to the hand” quick release button and Scotts does no complys for days. Toledo City Paper Just Skateboarding celebrates its first decade with a big bash by Ryan A. Bunch published August 15th 2007 […]

Dual Happy Bs

A Dual Happy Birthday goes out to RW and Miles. Go ahead and celebrate, get yourself a sandwich.