Diaper Party!!

Dave Johnson is having a little one. And Los is kind enough to throw a diaper party for him this Saturday, June 30th. Times are not concrete but the last one I went to things were in full swing around 2. Make sure you bring diapers to this event. If you need to, team up […]

Pre Saint Patty’s Day

Almost forgot to post this. Andy Avina is having a pre-st.patty’s day party and ramp session. If you have partied with Andy when he lets loose you know its a sight to be hold. These days he doesn’t party like he used to, and with good reason. He does however, bring it on at his […]

Friday Night Avina Session

Word on the street is that there is a session at Avina’s mini ramp tonight at 7 – till exhaustion. Be there if you are so inclined. The ramp is tight, but with the right energy, this session can be too.