Skateboarding Is A Crime

Well, in Milton Florida any way. Check out this video of a long boarder dropping in. Looks like Milton, Florida is filled with a bunch of geniuses. They build a skate park that way they can go and flex their weak authority onto a captive audience. Another fine example of skateboarders being treated badly bad […]


So Gino came up in a conversation today and I showed this part as an example of his skill and style. Enjoy.

Video Days

Any blog worth anything has this video available. Know it.

Tony Hawk Jumps Japanese Men!

This just In! Over two decades ago Tony Hawk magically jumps over Japanese men. An amazing feat by all standards. Tony Hawk on Japanese television in 1984 (part 2 of 2) on

The Man Who

In a mad world, only the mad are sane. IN SHORT… Steve Rocco, the controversial godfather of street, led a cultural revolution during the early 1990s toppling the corporate giants who controlled the skateboard industry and ushering in the most degenerate, savage, innovative & entertaining era in the history of skateboarding. For better or worse […]