Avina Skate.Music.Party

SAT Aug 26 10pm

Skate Session Goin Down At All Times
Vert Wall, 6″ Mini Ramp
All Ages Welcome
21+ BYOB

War Between Seasons
Three Quarter Tank
Rat Bait
Spider Fight
Andy Crash

Club A’s
142 E. Strong Ave.
Wayne, OH 43466

Directions from Just to Avina’s


5 Responses

  1. btw a couple of years ago i went to andys and skated at one of these parties and witnessed andy bitting jake in the nipple, through the shirt. it was so awsome.

  2. i hope no one looses a niple. Sounds like a good way to harsh the party mellow. If all works out, it should be a fun skate session and a good opportunity to see some punk bands cuttin their teeth in front of a live audience. scott, be publically hatin. Just pointed out.

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