Skillz 2 Pay tha Billz

Do you have some skills? Do you want to make some cash? Well, you can work from home stuffin envelopes or you can use that pop to teach skateboarding to the young and eager to learn. Seriously though, some Sk8Moms have asked me if I knew of anyone teaching the fine art of skateboarding. If that sounds like you, give us a call here at Just (419)534-3433, or e-mail me through my profile link here. Somethings you need to learn on your own, maybe you can give these guys a good start in the right path though.


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  1. Wade has been known to lead a pack of little skaters around the mean streets of Toledo showing them his skills and helpin them with theirs. Call the shop and we can put you and your little one in touch with the teacher.

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