PLAN B onanza

Just online nerding out and thrills yelled at me to update the site. We just got in over 20 plan B decks. GET HYPED.


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  1. I just read that rob dyrdek has the highest rated show in mtv history. Does anyone have pro’s they were psychedon and then they took a complete 180? I can name a few. Man, what kind of people watch that show? Is it that good?

  2. i didnt think that rob ripped anymore but one day i watch that show and he threw down a couple bangers. smith grind flip out, hauling ass with super good style. i will admit mtv is the dumbest shit ever they dont even play music videos anymore. i used to get stoked when they would have the top 100 videos of all time and thriller would always win. i bet scott is watching mtv right now.

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