Wade Vickers Gets “Lippy”


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  1. dude how much duck tape do you need? you should have slapped it up there with enough to skate it and skated it. i saw scott ollie the stairs to the parking lot. it pretty damn big check it out. the handrail there is the first one i ever slid.

  2. Also used in the constrution of that rig, 1 complete skateboard, 1 Deck, some random rocks, and a oldschool VHS camcorder case that I had in my trunk…gotta have it stable : )

  3. yeah dude, murtha. hahaha. hes my principal. thats so much like that dude to do that. i agree with brett though, that did seem like a lot of tape. hahaha scotts right, i got caught pissing in the rocks and the lady that caught me like completely lost it. wallride up em.

  4. even with that much duck tape, the shit was still crazy sketchy. we’ll go back at night with lights and a generator. i dont think its still a church, i think its called the bulldog center?

  5. brett same here. almost the same scenerio except i watched John trippe 180 nose grind it and Matt allison switch flip the steps. And wade you should have beat up the guy and used him as part of that jacked contraption.

  6. yeah man, its the new administration building. not a church anymore, but scotts right, some lady caught me pissing in the rocks once and she fuckin lost it! haha, murtha. hes such a dick. thats all he does all day at the school, just goes around and gives me a hard time for throwing food at lunch everyday haha. mills is right, just skate him instead of a sign. fuck duct tape and a sign, quickcrete that motherfucker!! gabba gabba hey!

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