Simplicity Skatepark Closing

Simplicity skate park will be closing July 1st. Bradd would like to thank every one who has supported, and skated at the simplicity skate park over the last 3 years….
Simplicity skateboard shop will be opening in old village Plymouth the second week of July…
The shop will be just like the old days…. Full of boards, clothing, shoes, and much more….
Pat miller, and Matt Hartzel will still be working at the new shop so come say hi to them…
Keep your ears open for the grand opening party of the new shop…. please check out
So everyone has two weeks to come get there shred on at the park, and kill it for one last sesssion. Again thank you for the support, and we hope to see you in the new shop….

park will possibly re open in september with new name, and management….

R.i.P simplicity sk8 park…


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