Diaper Party!!

Dave Johnson is having a little one. And Los is kind enough to throw a diaper party for him this Saturday, June 30th. Times are not concrete but the last one I went to things were in full swing around 2.

Make sure you bring diapers to this event. If you need to, team up with someone to make it happen. Its kinda the point, and will help out any new couple get through the major change that a new one brings to the table. In fact, not bringing them is not really an option.

The last one crews came out and the numbers ripping the ramp were in full effect. You should be there if you can, the good times will roll.

Congrats to Dave and his lady!!

skate diaper


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  1. A little footage of the party. it runs a bit long, but a cool representation of some of the happenings. They ask that we credit 3byOne, but its fairly obvious with the logo at the bottom right the whole time. good job coving the haps.

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