Why do people like Sheckler so much?

So Ryan Sheckler is offically a GOD to all 12-16 year old girls…

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  1. i have been skating for almost twenty years now and i have noticed that dudes coming up now have alot different attitudes than dudes in the past. for example i will be skating a spot and dudes will just skate by and not even look over.

  2. Well its no wonder that companies like Mountain Dew and Mtv have influence on that age group. The don’t accidentally spend and make millions of dollars off of that age group.

    Skaters have been in the past resistant to these messages. It wasn’t that cool to do what’s the normal status quo. The media has no problem framing our culture in a nice digestible way for the paying audience to consume.

    We as skaters always knew it was a wrong, soulless representation. The sad part is, now there are kids growing up and never getting the opportunity to realize this. If that kid happens to play by their rules, man are they going to get rewarded for it. How about a nice Mtv show, product endorsements from companies who have no business being involved with skateboarding.

    This will continue to happen, welcome to mass approved skateboarding. Core is more important than ever now. As our soul tries to get ripped from our world until its just a sport, we as skaters will have to try to educate the youth about what skateboarding is and can be. Its not just sport. ESPN can suck it. Mountain Dew and Sheck can suck it. And ultimately Ryan Sheck will have to live with the lash back from choosing to be a product, more than any pro normally is, for a company who will pass him on for the next young, disposable blood.

    The longevity of our heros will ultimately prevail. I wonder, does the Gonz drink Mountain Dew or Red Bull?

  3. when i met him at kettering, his attitude was terrible…he treated other skateboarders like they were less of a person than he was. he did two tricks and went back to his tour bus. when i tried having a short conversation with him he ignored me, and walked away mid sentence, but what really pissed me off was when he did that to my little sister who wanted nothing more than a picture with him. Fuck ryan sheckler.

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