Fully Flared… Most Epic Video Of the Decade.

Posted: December 11, 2007

Interview: Burnett | Photo: Reda

What does a project like the Lakai video mean to you?
This has been the most difficult thing I’ve ever worked on, by far. But it’s also the most rewarding thing I’ve ever worked on. There aren’t really words for this. I’m happy to be in this one with all these guys. Wow. How men suffer for children.


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  1. Soundtrack:

    The French Connection #2 – Mannie Fresh, Real Big
    Cairo Foster – The Flaming Lips, W.A.N.D.
    Jeff Lenoce, Scott Johnston, Rob Welsh – The D.O.C., Lend Me An Ear
    Alex Olson stress – Hot Butter, Popcorn
    Alex Olson – King Diamond, One Down Two To Go
    Rick Howard – Echo & The Bunnymen, The Cutter
    Mike Carroll #1 – Judas Priest, Riding On The Wind
    Mike Carroll #2 – Three 6 Mafia, Triple Six Club House
    Brandon Biebel – Young Jeezy, I Love It
    Eric Koston #1 – Public Enemy, Night Of The Living Baseheads
    Eric Koston #2 – Public Enemy, Harder Than You Think
    Guy Mariano #1 – Band Of Horses, The Funeral
    Guy Mariano #2 – Band Of Horses, Is There A Ghost
    Marc Johnson #1 – Q Lazzarus, Goodbye Horses
    Marc Johnson #2 – Fischerspooner, All We Are
    Marc Johnson #3 – She Wants Revenge, Us
    credits #1 – Unkle, Heaven
    credits #2 – Franz Ferdinand, All My Friends

  2. anyone ever hear of a park called Landslide just up north about 70 or so miles? If is so, is it any good? There website does not really have photos, so I can only see peices of the park that are seen in their lame videos.

  3. Landslide blows balls…Mark and I went out there, and it’s a in-liner park if I had to call it anything. I know Ryan G is gonna say its a sweet park, but…nah…it’s DEF not worth the drive…

  4. take my word for it, steve doesnt know what hes talking about. when he says he went there, he means he stood around an bitched about how much fun he wasnt having…its def a really fun park, but if your gonna make the trip way up north, check out zero gravity in waterford.

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