It’s hot…..

but the heat doesn’t stop the UPS man from bringing in all the BACK TO SCHOOL goods!!!! We’ve got more 4-star and Matix pants than I can shake a stick at. Oh oh…… I forgot to mention that our shoe stock is over flowing with Lakai and DVS. Did someone say Lakai-Mariano Limited Editions? David

Oh yeah….

It’s always a good day when new Girl and Chocolate boards come in!! By the way, have you checked out the new issue of STUCK MAGAZINE? Former Toledo resident and photographer Dave Chutney has four pages of photos that he shot of Dayton ripper Dave Ackels. Come on in and check out a copy!!!

The UPS man came…

…and I think that he may have slipped a disk while carrying all the new boards in. That’s right! Our skateboard wall is FULL!!! DGK, Antihero, Girl, Chocolate, Element, Zero, Plan B, Flip, Zoo York…. we have it all and they’re going FAST!! So come on in and get a new board… you deserve it.